Transfers between from EveryStores bank account may take up between 4 and 8 working days before it appears in Vendors’s bank account. These tranfers will be done on the 15th and 26th of every month.


 Everystores has a service  fee of ONLY  10% per transaction with the Bronze package ,8% per transaction with the Silver package and  5% per transaction with the Gold package.


I have registered and have not received and email , our staff will review and activate your account within 24 hours of registration, also please check your spam folder for our email and notify your email provider that emails from are not spam.


WiPay vouchers can be purchased nationwide at any WiPay Top Up Location. To use the voucher, it will cost an additional $5.00 TTD so be sure to purchase $5.00 TTD more than your desired amount on purchase!

The minimum value of a voucher that can be purchased is $20.00 TTD. If you purchase a voucher for $20.00 TTD, the additional $5.00 TTD will be deducted from this therefore the value you will end up with in your WiPay account will be $15.00 TTD.

The maximum value of a voucher that can be purchased is $3000.00 TTD.

More FAQ's

A. What  does it mean to  Sell on


A  Vendor is a user who creates a  Vendor Account to sell their products on


Selling on is FREE with the bronze package . You are only charged a selling percentage fee when your product is sold.



B. What Products can I sell on


After you create a Vendor Account on, you can sell products in any of the following  Departments:  As Seen on TV, Bags & Luggage, Blu-ray Store, Books, Clothing Shoes & Accessories, Computer & Office, Electronics, Games, Health & Beauty, Home & Outdoor, Movies, Music, Pet Accessories, Sport & Exercise, Tools Auto & Industrial and Toys & Hobbies.


You are NOT permitted to sell products in the following Departments: Pharmacy, Prescription Medication or any illegal items. Limited reserves the right to decline any product that is not suited for sale on the website.



C. How does Selling on work?


1.     Create a Vendor Account on We will either approve or decline your information within 24 hours once they meet our requirements and you will be notified by email. You will then be sent a Seller Agreement with Limited to sign before your products are posted on the website. Once your account has been approved, you can begin selling.


2.     Upload your Product Inventory. You manage your store using your own Content Management System (CMS) in your Vendor Account. From here you can add/edit products, prices, images, manage information etc.


3.     Once you upload your products once your products and information are approved, Customers on will see your products on the website and can purchase them. You will also see when they are approved in your Vendor Account.


4.     You Ship Your Products to Customers. When your items are sold, will notify you via email and you will also see the sale reflected in your CMS or Vendor Account. You pack your items and prepare them for the customer and dispatch them via TTPOST, FEDEX or whatever delivery means you see fit, if you are not using Everystores delivery fulfillment option which is available in  the Silver and Gold Vendor packages.


5. Transfers Payment to You. will deposit payments into your bank account on the 15th and 26th of every month.




D. What are the requirements for selling on


If you ask anyone that has purchased something on they will tell you that Customer Service is the hallmark of our operation! We have the best prices available online in Trinidad but we strive to provide the best Customer Service and after-sale Service!


We expect that you meet the requirements stated in your contract and that you present your products according to our approved format and in good standing. We expect that you honour your agreement and failure to comply will result in the termination of your account and selling privileges. Limited reserves the right to decline any sale at anytime in order to protect the customer.


Some Requirements for Selling on


Make Sure Your Product Listing Meet Requirements.


  • Good customer service starts by making sure that your products are in the right Department and Category. For example, if you are selling toasters, it should be placed under Electronics – Kitchen Appliances, if you are selling Women’s Handbags, the products should be placed under Clothing, Shoes and Accessories – Women’s Handbags. Correct placement of your products ensures customers find your products easily without confusion. This promotes good Customer Service and strong Sales. The product they purchase is the product they expect.


  • You are responsible for maintaining your inventory. If you sell products on your end, we expect you to update your inventory when each item is sold as a customer can purchase any item at any time. Failure to update your inventory will result in termination of any sale and your Vendor Account.  


  • Customers expect to receive the product they purchased packaged well and shipped quickly. We ask that you prepare the product(s) prior to collection by our Delivery Team. Any defects or poor packaging will be refused by our Delivery Team and the sale will be cancelled in order to protect the customer.


  • Customers expect to receive their product they selected (not similar items, colours etc), packaged well and shipped within the timeframe they chose.


  • We expect product images to be clear, crisp and preferably on a white background. Please note that Limited is not responsible for any copyright infringements on images and the Seller accepts full responsibility for his images. Any suspected copyright infringement on images will result in cancellation of your Vendor Account. We recommend the Seller takes professional pictures of their product inventory. 


  • New and Used products must be clearly stated in the product’s description area. If the product is used then any defects, identifying marks and relevant information including accurate pictures of defects should be clearly stated and illustrated. The more information is always better so that the customer can make an informed decision prior to purchase. Please state the warranty period for each product including information on returns and refunds.


Update Your Seller Profile


Customers feel more confident when purchasing from a reliable and trusted business. Ensure that your contact information and information regarding your business is correctly displayed in your Vendor Account as this is the information the Customer will see. You can write a brief (maximum 500 characters) about your business in the Business Description field in your Vendor Account. This should be clear and reflect your business practices and information related to selling on


Your Seller Profile information will be displayed on the Product Details page for any of your products and will appear as a blow-out box over the title – “Ships from and sold by Montana Realty Ltd”. Your business name will also appear over the Seller Icon


State Your Fulfillment Policies


State the details of each sale in the product information area. Details regarding product shipment, exchange, refund, warranty, sizes, colours and other information regarding the sale should be clearly stated in the product’s information section. If the product is being imported, the timeframe for delivery should be stated so as to avoid disappointing the customer.


Refunds, Returns should be Honored


You will realize that eventually you may have to accept a return or refund for various reasons and this is a component of our service which we take very seriously. Please be graceful to the customer at all times and once the reason warrants a return or refund within the stipulated timeframe, we expect you to honor the after sales service gracefully. This also promotes better feedback for your business.


Communication with the Customer should be courteous and appropriate. The customer may contact you through the contact information you provide in your profile and we expect you to provide the relevant support.


Monitor Your Performance will monitor your sales, after sale service (returns, refunds, poor packaging, order cancellations and late shipping), customer feedback about your business and overall track record periodically which will be communicated to you through your Vendor Account and email. You will be rated periodically and poor ratings will result in termination of your selling ability on


When Selling on you must NOT:


Register for Multiple Vendor Accounts


When you register your Vendor Account with, you are creating a single selling account for your business/company. You are strictly prohibited from creating multiple Vendor Accounts.


Divert Customers


The use of URLs on any listings, images or information is strictly prohibited. The use of hyperlinks to your site is also strictly prohibited.  The use of advertising or marketing of any product or service which diverts customers from and the Sales process is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply will result in immediate cancellation of your Vendor Account. Please be aware that any changes in your Vendor Account will be either approved or declined by Limited. We are aware of every change.



F. How much does it Cost to Sell on


Creating a Vendor Account, uploading your product inventory and selling on are FREE. The cost to Sell on can vary based on the Seller /Vendor Package you get. The seller packages are listed above.



E. How do I get paid? settles your account on the 15th and 26th of every month. It normally takes 4-8 working days for the money to be available in your bank account. Payment is made directly to your bank account.

When a vendor receives Sales revenue fortnightly , please note the following deductions from actual sales will be made to facilitate the following fees:

  • Credit card per transaction $2TTD + 3% of purchase value 
  • Everystores sales transaction fee of 10% for vendors with the Bronze Package, 8% for vendors with the silver package ,5% for vendors with the Gold Package.

To mitigate against diminished profits please increase product prices by 10% to maintain expected returns.

Also please ensure:


  • You have no outstanding refunds or balances for  as this can affect settlement.
  • That you have provided us with the correct bank account information.


F. How does Delivery Fulfillment work?

For Vendors with items less the 30lbs in weight and a maximum of 3ft in length, the Gold  (Premium Package)  and the Silver Packages will facilitate stocking and/or delivery fulfillment of their products to their customers when items are purchased, the Gold premium package features 10 Shipping Free deliveries for the Vendor's customers within Trinidad  per month.

G. Do I need a credit or debit card to create a shop ?


No a credit or debit card is not required to create a shop. To be verified as a seller you have to provide us with a bank account to deposit the funds into. No cash payouts will be done. Your monthly membership mush be paid in order to receive your payout.

Note: All the prices on are quoted in TTD.